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How does Lyoness work

“Money back with every purchase” is the Lyoness slogan for the international and sector-spanning shopping community and for the Loyalty Programme for regional, national and international traders.

Lyoness - the Company

Founded by Hubert Freidl in 2003, Lyoness offers its Members money back with every purchase. What started out in four countries has since evolved into an international company which creates a unique Win-Win situation for everyone involved. Lyoness has created a global network from which Members and Loyalty Merchants can benefit: Members receive money back, whilst Loyalty Merchants gain loyal customers and are therefore willing to give them special Benefits.

Lyoness is currently active in 32 European countries as well as in the USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa and in the Asian Pacific region (Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Philippines and Thailand) with more than 2.7 million Members worldwide.

Four Types of Shopping

With Lyoness, Members always have the right type of shopping available worldwide: Whether it’s with the Cashback Card,Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Loyalty Merchant Vouchers/Gift Cards or Online Shopping - Members always receive money back with every purchase.


Lyoness MobileLyoness Cashback CardLyoness Online CashbackLyoness Voucher       




Unlimited Shopping

Currently more than 29,000 Loyalty Merchants in 43 countries around the world provide unlimited shopping opportunities, and approximately 3,200 online shops offer a choice of over 170 million products – in 43 countries.

Let yourself be amazed

Take advantage of the 30 day Trial Membership, register now for free and enjoy unlimited access to all the Lyoness Cashback Benefits!
If you make a purchase with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant within this time, your Trial Membership will be upgraded to a free full Membership.

Social Responsibility – The Lyoness Foundations

As well as Members and Loyalty Merchants, people in need also benefit thanks to the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation. Founded as a charitable organisation in May 2008, a part of all purchases made through Lyoness goes directly to the Foundation.

In 2011 a further Foundation named Greenfinity was launched which is committed to promoting sustainable global environment protection, innovative climate protection projects and the use of renewable energy.

You can find all further information on our Company page at Company Page 

Benefit with every purchase

How does that work? Simple: Lyoness offers an unmatched network of chain stores, SMEs and online Loyalty Merchants which enables advantageous shopping worldwide in all sectors. Thus, Members can currently shop at 29,000 Loyalty Merchants and 3,200 Online Loyalty Merchants stores to take advantage of the Cashback Benefit.


With every purchase, the Member will receive credit for up to 2% of the purchase value in his Cash Account, thus saving a continually increasing amount in his personal Cash Account. From a specific amount, this will be transferred to his private bank account, without any deductions.

Friendship Bonus

Recommend Lyoness! As Recommender you will receive 0.5% of the purchase revenues generated by your new recommended Member (the so-called Direct Friendship Bonus). If this Member recommends Lyoness to a new Member, you will receive a further 0.5% of the purchase revenues generated by this new Member (the so-called Indirect Friendship Bonus)!



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