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           Contact us
           for a needs analysis
  or request a call back.


                After the analysis,

                we will request 
                for the information
                we need to complete
                your tax return via

                 we receive 
your information
                 we will calculate & complete
                 your tax return, send you
                 a copy by email with the bill
                 If you are satisfied & pay  
 our bill and we then submit your returns HMRC.

             It is that simple.                  


Our experts will help you with a day to day running of your business.

Our services included:

  • Opening LTD companies and registering your business
  • Marketing strategies
  • Business development strategies
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Tax Planning
You MUST inform the HM Revenue & Customs when you start working for yourself that is, when you become self-employed. If you delay telling HMRC you are self-employed for 3 months or more you may have to pay a penalty.

We’ll help you register your business and will ensure the completion of all formalities. We provide professional consultation, comprehensive service and expert advice.

We will help you register and handle all affairs associated with:

  • Self-employed – Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), sole trader
  • LTD Company
  • VAT Registration

Working on a self-employed basis is likely to require the payment of National Insurance contributions and income tax settlement at the end of every tax year.


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