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           for a needs analysis
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                After the analysis,

                we will request 
                for the information
                we need to complete
                your tax return via

                 we receive 
your information
                 we will calculate & complete
                 your tax return, send you
                 a copy by email with the bill
                 If you are satisfied & pay  
 our bill and we then submit your returns HMRC.

             It is that simple.                  


Leader Consultancy Ltd is a company committed to the integration of Eastern Europeans & Other Immigrants with their Businesses into British society. 
Our vision is to create opportunities for Immigrants to flourish through social-economic integration. As a community based organisation, we listen and respond to the needs of this marginalised group by offering customised services for Individuals and Businesses to alleviate ignorance, poverty, homelessness, family breakdown, unemployment, trading skill shortages, business consultation and much more.
Leader Consultancy Ltd focuses on supporting the individual in a holistic manner. Social and economic exclusion is addressed, as well as mental, physical and environmental concerns. Immigrants’ especially Non-English speakers are presented with a plethora of barriers; however, our holistic and strategic approach enables us to assist our clients to overcome fragmentation, isolation and polarisation. Thus, our clients are equipped with the right information, tools & strategies to contribute fully to their local community and society as a whole.


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